Why Reflect?

Reflect is the first fully digital, scalable, compliant, easy to use tool that brings the power of values to investing. Leveraging our one-of-a-kind methodology that puts investor values at the forefront and not company risks. Reflect allows asset managers to ensure compliance with SEC Rule 35d-1, the “Names Rule,” while also empowering investors and institutions to review their portfolios based on the ESG components that are most important to them.

Tools for investors, not companies.

Our methodology was designed to look at and compare the varying values of investments as defined through the lens of investors. Today's ESG and values-investing landscape relies on data and an approach that puts companies’ business models first and scores their exposure to values-oriented principles, not their impact on them. Does Company XYZ have any exposure in their business model to environmental inputs versus our version, which calculates the impact Company XYZ has on the environment. This is especially important for compliance, since the SEC Rule 35d-1, the “Names Rule,” requires compliance and adherence to a retail investor’s understanding and reasonable expectations.

How we're different

In every meaningful way Reflect is uniquely positioned versus its competitors. From the methodological approach - investor first vs. company first, through the fully digital and customizable values intake experience, Reflect represents values-based analysis, reporting and investing done right!

Aside from our investor centric perspective, Reflect is the only values based platform designed by portfolio managers with 20+ years of experience in values-based security selection and portfolio construction. At its heart, beyond the leading edge technology, Reflect is a quantitative, repeatable, reliable methodology for values-based investing - just ask the $10+BN worth of assets we've reviewed for global institutions and asset owners.

Why help asset owners invest with their values?

Depending on the study, somewhere between $20 Trillion and $60 Trillion of assets are going to be passed down intergenerationally over the next 20 years. This historic asset transition, coupled with its recipient groups propensity to favor values-based investing (~70+% of Women and 80+% of Gen Z) leads to a once in a generation opportunity for both advisors and asset owners. Don't miss the opportunity to create meaningful connection with either your client's or your assets.

Reason 1

Largest asset transfer in the history of the world - $Trillions$

Reason 2

Unique agreement and interest of recipients to align their values with their investments - it's time to bring conscientious consumerism to investing.

Reason 3

A unique and proven solution for Advisors, Asset Owners, and Compliance - all in one platform.

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

Roy E. Disney

See for yourself how Reflect can unleash the power of your values.

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