Do You Reflect Investor's Values?

Reflect is the industry's most rigorous, thoughtful, and scalable values-based investing analysis engine that ensures asset managers, advisors and asset owners are accessing  solutions that truly reflect their values and mandates.
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Identify your values.

Meaningful. Thoughtful. Powerful. The Reflect Platform curates a fully digital values discovery experience designed to take the complexity out of uncovering what matters. This allows asset managers to ensure compliance with SEC Rule 35d-1, the "Names Rule," while also empowering investors and institutions to review their portfolios based on the values/ESG criteria most important to them.

Refine your values for true customization.

Most ESG analysis and tools are designed to avoid certain products and industries. The Reflect approach is radically different. It allows investors to be nuanced and unique in their views and to describe the positive attributes and behaviors they want to see in their investments. It's the first of its kind to offer truly bespoke values investing, not lowest common denominator avoidance.

Generate useful and informative results.

Custom and detailed reports on existing holdings, benchmarks, and even investment peer category reviews. Fully transparent, unique to each investor, down to each individual holding. Finally, an easy to complete, easy to understand series of reports and analysis that actually tell you if you're invested in what matters to you.

Use Cases

Demonstrate and Document.

Reflect is the only “names-compliant” software providing an investor-focused rating that scores companies across 18 ESG sub-themes and offers asset managers the ability to ensure continuous compliance. With comprehensive data on 6,500 companies—or 98% of the global market cap—Reflect can analyze virtually every asset type, including equities, bonds and investments in various structures, including ETFs, mutual funds & SMAs.

Advisor: Deliver seamless and insightful analysis and actionable investment options.

For the first time ever, show your clients how their portfolios are aligned with their specific values. Create a deeper connection between you, your clients and their wealth, while maintaining the scalability of model like delivery. Even offer customized SMA's curated by a portfolio management team with 25 years of values-aligned portfolio construction.

Asset Owner:
Your Values ARE Material.

Today's most widely used ESG data sources and the two largest ESG data providers all built their house on the SASB/IFRS Materiality Framework. But material to whom? We believe that Fiduciary Duty requires the consideration of institutional, donor, and benefactors values. It should be asset owner centric, not company centric. ESG as it is practiced today is the only investment strategy focused on the company (investment) and not the asset owner (investor). This ends HERE.


Ensure your client’s have portfolios that are aligned with their specific values

Due Diligence

Compare like named funds for alignment and against benchmarks, and document investment criteria and results


Score funds for marketing and holding compliance (SEC 35d-1); document fund alignment with SFDR (Articles 6, 8, 9)

Portfolio MGMT

View in real-time what adding or removing a security does to overall ESG Score with detailed reports on product suitability


Provide clarity and documentation on ESG alignment and leverage our system backed by the industry’s only Assurance Guarantee

Asset Owner - Institutions

Ensure your corpus aligns with your organization’s mission, values, and policies and reduce headline risk from mis-matching

Reflect is the most comprehensive values-based investing tool on the market.

Investor First Methodology

Others are company centric

Customizable Values Discovery

Nothing cookie cutter or canned at Reflect

Useful actionable insights on holdings

Your values, your holdings - compared

Recommendation Engine

See the shortfalls and fix them in one click!

“Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your values.”

– Dalai Lama

How it works

Leverage our industry leading Values Discovery Experience

Uniquely designed and tested values discovery experience honed at three global financial institutions to ensure client values are front and center of the analysis.

See client specific values applied to a list of existing holdings

Get detailed and useful analysis around what is owned and where there is alignment or disconnect.

Generate custom reports at the portfolio, manager or security level

Interested to see how the holdings stack up on 18 different categories? Want to see how the individual positions owned map to the UN SDGs? Looking to uncover how the holdings fare on gender or other diversity metrics - just run a custom report.

Compare existing holdings against a curated list of alternatives

Compare holdings across asset classes to uncover where alternative managers can add values alignment to the portfolio.

Take action by swapping out misaligned investments with those true to values

Find investments that are more suited to the identified values and bring alignment between personal and financial lives.

See for yourself how Reflect can unleash the power of your values.

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